Law Enforcement / Government Products

Detection of illegal content on storage devices (e.g. hard drives, cameras) confiscated by police, mainly for images of child sexual abuse.

Scanning the disk for images and detection of illegal content.

For law enforcement applications. Image Classes may be Adult Pornography, Child Sexual Abuse, Nazi material, terror network symbols, or any other illegal content.

Face Matching Technology (similarity)

With a given user photo ATG’s Face Matching Technology can find all images in an image database where the user is also pictured.

Or can find the image with the most similar face.

This technology offers a wide range of possible applications.


ATG’s products automatically detect CSA images, greatly reducing investigator and analyst review time.

MediaCheck symbol

Search engine for visual and illegal content to detect Child Sexual Abuse.

  • Millions of children are raped every year
  • Rapists take pictures and tape videos of the abuse and deal in the images on the internet
  • MediaCheck identifies child abuse images, reducing analysis and investigation time
  • Detection engines identify illegal visual content for Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Automatic detection of child sexual abuse images in devices confiscated by the police
  • Victim identification
  • Forensic analysis of the classified images
  • Applicable in:
    • Laboratories
    • The field
    • Web services

MediaCheck diagram

Development of MediaCheck is supported by Swiss Law Enforcement.