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What's the value of your childs safety?

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Try Contegos HOME for free within 35 days. You decide whether $49.95 per year is too much to protect your children.

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Get the complete protection for only $49.95 per year

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Updates will be available soon…

Contegos HOME

Contegos comes pre-set to protect you from objectionable and inappropriate content. However, because not all users are alike, Contegos also allows you to modify the filter settings so you can customize Contegos to suit your individual usage needs.

Contegos Home is designed for Windows 7 and ready for Windows 8 environments.

Contegos can… in a user friendly way…

  • replace bad URLs (websites) – redirecting to a warning page
  • replace bad images by a default image
  • block adult websites
  • block websites containing adult and explicit language
  • terminate programs being used to watch adult media
  • facebook - replace offensive (mobbing/bullying) text (e.g. text chat)
  • hide/remove explicit marketing (e.g. adult banners)
  • parents may add specific websites and words to block (user black/white-lists)
  • Prevent children from receiving or sending offensive text in chat rooms
  • Prevent children from receiving or sending pornographic images
  • Prevent children from passing their contact information in chat rooms or on social media

  • Generates alarm reports for parents (e.g. bullying words)

What are the advantages ?

  • Safe Internet access
  • All digital information are content screened before they are displayed to the user
  • Screen analysis assures that no illegal content is displayed independent from the source of this information
  • *NOT ONLY information downloaded from the Internet is supervised ALL sources of digital input via CD‘s, Cell Phones, USB Sticks etc. is monitored
  • Minors can‘t get their contact information to others, thus being prevented to get in touch with pedophiles
  • Contegos supports the most common internet browsers (e.g. IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari …)

* will be available in the next version

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